Krishna at Sattarbuksh


This is a follow-up to one of my older poems ‘Christ at Starbucks’ ( It is set in “Sattarbuksh” a cafe in Karachi, Pakistan ( It is only meant to be an imaginary scene and not intended to offend any religious group or individual. 

His peacock feather quivers

He steps in from the dusty Karachi lane.

Words rolled like bottle-caps… halted.

Eyes devoured his yellow robes.
Eyes narrow, like serpentine mouths.

flowery Urdu music.
smell of Masala Chai.

He sauntered to a table.

“Ya Allah!” Crash!

His amused smile.

The girl in the abaya eyed his flute. A glimpse… then back at her cheesecake.

“Kya chahiye?”
“Ek glass paani milega?”