IPL II – The Wait Is Over…!!

Ever since my SSLC exams got over, there have been only two things I had been looking forward to-1. Utsavam at Tali temple and 2. IPL II. Obviously the second one is the most awaited..!!

If cricket in India is a religion, then IPL is its Carnival!A fabulous, colourful festival that engages the time of the haunting sunny days when you have nothing else to do other than sit back and watch TV.More than that, it is a cricketing tournament among 8 teams comprising of renown Indian and foreign cricketers, veterans of the game and youngsters who have a lot to prove.It is where people from different nations cheer together, forgetting past quarrels and co-operating as a single team to get their hands on the coveted IPL Trophy..
IPL is of course not just about cricket.It is where billionaires, agencies, film industry and sports join hands to put up a show of entertainment for the cricketing fans worldwide.They say money can’t buy happiness.But IPL spreads smiles-especially when fans see stars like Virender Sehwag and Daniel Vettori play together for DD and youngsters like Ashok Dinda(KKR) and Manpreet Gony(CSK) prove their mettle on an international stage and earn praise from their seniors. Last season, when Bhaji(MI) hit Sreesanth(KXII) many feared that IPL would destroy Team India’s sprit and unity.But after IPL I Indian Team has not only gained from IPL by including many talented youngsters, but also have won many numerous tournaments, home and abroad. The veterans of different countries also have nothing much to prove, yet they play for the spirit and the joy of the Gentleman’s Game.And the performance of veteran Shane Warne’s RR, was really appreciable.
Amidst all the glamorous film actors, flowing money and cheerleaders with skimpy dresses IPL’s core has always been the Game itself-CRICKET.

As the opening ceremony unfolds and Chennai Super Kings take on Mumbai Indians in the first match of IPL II, my wait will be over; so will the cricketing worlds’.

(P.S. I think you wouldn’t mind if I express my enthusiasm a little as a supporter of CSK, here..

At My Dad’s House..


Well, I just got back from my dad’s house in Malappuram. And as expected the last 24 hours was the “most boring time I ever spent”-or so i thought before realising some things.

Sometimes things you rate as insignificant or unimportant helps you to discover something exciting a little while later.This trip to the countryside was boring for a number of reasons-my cousins were not there, my grandfather was not happy with me switching frequently to MTV or HBO(he complained about Bipasha’s scanty dress in No Entry song, which made me give him the remote and go up to sleep) and because I had not even taken even a single novel to keep me occupied.My only relief was that I had my mobile, the charger and some balance remaining.Of course, I texted my friends, called one or two but still couldn’t keep boredom at bay.Going up to the balcony I started counting the cars passing through the highway(typically, 25 cars passed in 30 minutes).That’s when I decided to take a walk in the backyard.

The vast backyard stretching an acre or so was not wild with trees but had a path cut in between.There were two wells on the two farthest sides of the plot.There were some crops being grown(No, don’t ask me what they were).The slight breeze and greenery around me brought back some vague memories…

As an LP student, during my trips to this part of the world, I used to be busy along with my cousins in making a low and small mini-house. We called it kuttippera“.It would be covered on top with dried coconut leaves held up by strong and lean sticks. Inside there were two or three big rocks(not exactly smooth) and these were our chairs.We had some biscuits, some ripe mangoes, chilli powder, a bottle of water, a miniature fan and a mirror.The interior decoration was done by my cousin sister and me.I remember putting up some coloured threads and beads on the roof of our little hangout.It was so small that more than three people could not sit inside at the same time.Our brothers would bring more stuff to make it more comfortable inside.Together, we built up our own world-a dingy, uncomfortable hut that we put up with our hands under a shade in our own backyard..! We were so proud of it….

Yesterday, in the backyard, I passed the place where this endeavour had been undertaken only a few years ago.I found only dust, dried leaves and some wild bushes. maybe in the middle of a bush or beneath the stones I would have found a bead or the broken pieces of the mirror…But I did not look for it..

Yes, this insignificant 24 hrs trip to the countryside -my dad’s hometown-triggered some memories.There couldn’t be a more perfect start to my vacation than remembering how I had blended with the life in the county just about 5 or 6 years ago and how age and city life can make things appear silly….

The SSLC Experience – First day..

On the morning of 11th of March 2009, after opening my eyes to the dreaded day, it took me a moment to figure out why I felt miserable..After yesterday’s “Page 3″(yea i watched a movie the day before..!!) the night was rather disturbing.But still, dreamless when I finally got some sleep..

Of course I was tensed..!! Like a normal 15 year old appearing for her first Board Exams that afternoon(OMG..!!) I was tensed..The agitated walks inside my bedroom or the reasonless tears i shed did not calm my fluttering mind. My face was kind of wild.

Dad, Arathi and my dear cousin Sreeyettan got into the car to drop me at school and Mom wished me luck. I tried hard to relax and I’m proud to say that by the time I got into the car and heard “Jab Hawaayein Sunati Hai..” in Radio Mango 91.9, I was kind of calm and composed..(and yeah, I love that song).I was pretty sure that this was the only malayalam exam in my 10 my years of education that I am fully prepared for..For the first time..I knew that I had done my best ..whatever the outcome might be.

Reaching the school I got down and found Betty and Amrutha getting down from a car.After that it was all kind of a blur.I laughed with my friends at some jokes, scratched our heads at some questions and doubts but backed each other(assuring ourselves too) that it’s gonna be easy.Then we had a special prayer session at the Parlour Stage and Sr.Jovita, our Princi, wished us and told us to remain calm and careful.Actually she seemed rather tensed herself..

My invigilator in Room.3 for the first day was a sweet lady with glasses.She checked our hall ticket and the to-be-filled-up first page of our answer book twice or thrice. She was helpful but her calm manner did not however, ease our tension.That long gap from the time you enter the hall to the moment you get the Q paper in your hands is AWFUL. Lots of thoughts.As for me, many faces-my teachers’, parents’ and friends’-went through my mind.I remembered the wishes I recieved from different parts of the state, some outside the state and some even from outside the country..!!But all I could do was to pray(OMG OMG OMG) and silently wish that the lady starts giving out the Q papers..Little did i know that I would positively regret being so tensed later..

Yes, we finally got the Q paper;one look told me that it was an easy one.Nothing seemed different to me other that the first page of the answer book, an unknown invigilator and the idiotic 6-digit number i had to scribble down on all of the additional sheets(whenever I forgot to write in one, she made me do it.) It was not different from the few scholarship exams I had written.I tried my best to use good comprehensive language and a legible handwriting to make things easier for the person who values my answer paper.

And then in a matter of 90 minutes, I had completed my first ever Board Exam…Before we even got time to sigh, relax and say “yeah it was easy” we had to start preparing for the next day’s exam, malayalam II, which i hoped would be similar to the Ist(which it certainly was).

But on the whole, I know I’ll never forget this day. I certainly did like the first day of my Boards.