Hello there!
Thank you for intentionally or unintentionally stumbling across my blog.

I am Athira Unni, a PhD researcher and poet living in Leeds. My first book of poems Gaea and Other Poems was published in 2020. I have held multiple professional roles that had either to do with writing or teaching, including teaching in a college in Bangalore, a one-year-stint for the cause of educational equity with Teach for India and a summer as a volunteer with the Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) in my hometown Calicut, India. 

I completed my double degree in English and Sociology from SUNY Buffalo, New York: the most fun three and half years of my life. My Master’s in English Literature from the University of Hyderabad in India taught me to live. 

Poetry drives me. My poems have been published in a few journals and print anthologies. I write because it makes me lie and say the truth at the same time.

My country has transitioned from the land of exotic snake charmers to the hub of bright IT nerds. Like my beloved husband here: https://rohitpaulk.com/

Logically, I fall somewhere in between. 🙂

Currently working on my second collection of poetry. 

Email : unni.athira93@gmail.com 

Instagram/Twitter: @utopianfemme



  1. Nice introduction especially about India.The transition from snake charmers to IT nerds and probably may experiment those in Mars soon. Hoping to read more posts from you soon. Have a wonderful blogging journey ahead. http://www.digitaldimensions4u.com

    1. Athira Unni says:

      Thank you!:)

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