Hey there!
Thank you for intentionally or unintentionally stumbling across my blog.

I’m Athira Unni, a Masters student of English Literature at Hyderabad Central University, India. Life has given me multiple professional roles in the past that had either to do with writing or teaching, including a one-year-stint for the cause of educational equity with Teach for India.

I completed my double degree in English Literature and Sociology from SUNY Buffalo, New York. Probably the most fun three and half years of my life!

Poetry drives me – all kinds of it. My poems have been published by NAME, Generation Magazine, Brev Spread and Madras Courier. I write because it makes me lie and say the truth at the same time.

I live in India which has transitioned from the land of exotic snake-charmers to the hub of bright IT nerds. Logically, I fall somewhere in between. 🙂

If you have any comments or general suggestions for this blog, please feel free to post them below. Have a nice day!

Email : ammusunni@gmail.com


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