A Short Note on God



Think of the idea of God as something that humans made so that we can aspire to be Him. Consider the reason you pray, for example. We pray for good fortune, for deliverance from sickness and tribulations, for wealth and status, for success and for the good of others. Are we really foregoing ourselves when we pray, or are we recognizing our own importance by believing that our prayer to the Almighty can actually matter? Is it really an acknowledgment of our insignificance before the Almighty, or is it also grounded on the belief that one can indeed sway God’s will? If we cannot sway God’s will, then why do we pray? If we can sway God’s will, then why is God more powerful than man? We humans then seem to actually have the power to sway God’s will; so then who really has the most power? Also, aren’t we then, indirectly so, trying to be all-powerful by praying?

History is abound with examples of Kings who claimed that they were godlike and literature is abound with examples of those who craved immortality and eternal life. It is not hard to imagine the origin of religion as something not to make up for the imperfections of humans, but as a selfish, proud enterprise of acknowledging power and then attempting to subvert that power using prayers and rituals. Religion has remained as a great force in society, not because of the idea of an all-powerful God, but because of the idea that humans have a connection with this entity. That we, even in our qualms and misfortunes, can somehow influence this entity, because if not, then wouldn’t the idea of God itself, be simply a belief that a tyrant controls everything?

Hence, it is not our helplessness that has given birth to religion, but our self-importance, our sense of belief that we can indeed make a difference in how things fare. God therefore becomes a sort of reflecting surface that our prayers bounce off of, an imaginary mirror that humans can see their best selves in. If so, it is high time that the idea of God, which is utilitarian at best, in order to facilitate this process of moral and spiritual development of humans, be removed. Why have a broker when you have a sense of what you want and the property you need to buy is your own best self?


  1. Adding my thought – The idea of god we have is just a exaggerated version of ourselves. What we believe god to be and hence we perceive that.

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