15 Random Things About Me

Okay.So this list was in my journal since 13.02.2009.I have made some editing but I post this with the realization that only a very few things in my life or about me, change.And some of the below-mentioned facts are those which I wish never ever change.I dont believe those who say that change is the law of life.(My orkut fortune today happens to be : CHANGE IS THE LAW OF LIFE).Law of life?.I just dont wish to accept it.Especially when simple and good things change.Not even if they are changing for THE best.

So here goes..

1.I don’t like chocolates 😀 .Milkybar is an exception.

2.I had three piercings in each ear since Second term of 10th standard but since the second hole faded away, now I have one on the very top and the normal one where all girls put long earrings.

3.I actually had a craze of painting and once won a second prize for painting a picture with a young girl and boy sitting on a beachside and a kite gliding away. It still remains my favourite image ever. 😀

4.My craze for MSD is well known among my friends . But the player I admired the most before Dhoni came along was Rahul Dravid. 🙂 Also, I have an album with MSD’s paper cuttings(since 2007).Now stopped collecting though :D.

5.As a young girl, I was crazy about Barbie dolls and presently own about 8 of them and 2 whole Barbie sets. 😀

6.I have left three novels and a travelogue in a hotel room in Ooty. I didn’t pack them in. Carelessness. 8)

7.I don’t know swimming. Neither does my Dad(which might come as a surprise because my dad works at sea.But the fact is, in dangerous situations, backstrokes in the middle of say,Pacific Ocean, would be of no help whatsoever).

8.I am the first grand-daughter for my Dad’s parents since I have just elder cousin brothers on that side of the family.

9.Even being an ardent cricket fan, I have not been to any international matches in my life and also, my grandfather was a club cricketer 🙂 And yes, I support Chennai Super Kings.

10.I know some slogans in Bhagavat Gita by-heart , thanks to Chinmaya Mission’s vacation classes.

11.There has been only one instance when I cried my heart out and that was back in 8th when my best friend decided to relocate.

12.I have been to almost all world countries (which has a port) before I turned 5 years of age.Due to this fact, I haven’t literally sat in Kindergarten. My mother taught me.

13.If there is one thing I never ever get bored with, then it’s cricket. 🙂

14.My first gift which I really value is a Parker pen from my Dad. 🙂

15.I love blue, social science and Devdas. 😀


  1. Pavi says:

    “weird things”??? Dint feeel nything weird abt it….xcept tht ur piercings no longer der now…how sad…:P..nd how cud u 4get ur buks at a hotel???? :((….xcept 4 a few things,i lykd ur post…:D(hope ur happy…:P)

  2. :/ thts exactly wat i expect my best frnd to say pavi, thnq very much :-l..

  3. better learn to swim. Better.
    And yes, As someone else said, there is nothing weird about the things. But you did not mention about the mess you make on the eve of your exams. I heard you spread the terror/tension of the exam. :P:P:D

    And i heard that from 'reliable' sources..
    That would have been one weird thing. lol..

  4. swim? aargh. mayb.
    THAT'S weird?

    16.I spread tension before my exams. It's infectious. 🙂

  5. woah that's rude.

    i didn't force you to read my blog. If you think Indian bloggers should be banned go sue Blogger. Dont post stupid comments on MY blog.

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