Harry Potter – The Boy Who Still Lives

As an 8 year old when I bought my first HP book it was just because the front cover fascinated me.Neither had I heard of it at that time nor had anybody suggested it to me.But today, even as a 15 year old “Harry Potter” still fills me with that awed, mysterious and sparkling feeling. Like driving through the Waynad hairpin bends with mist swirling around you..like you know it’s gonna be safe even though it’s dangerous…like you know nothing’s gonna go wrong even though the circumstances hint that they are .! It’s a homely feeling..a childhood-memory feeling..a fairytale feeling..HP made me a good reader and if it wasn’t for dear old JKR I might have been stuck with the mindset that books are always boring.Back in my UP school days we used to discuss a lot about the green-eyed jet-haired bespectacled famous boy.No recess was complete without mentioning HP at least once.Those were the days when I couldn’t sleep without reading at least a chapter of any HP book.Yes, now you get the picture right? A total HP maniac I was…My mother used to tease me saying that I read HP like old grandmas read Bhagvadgita everyday !(HA ! As though I cared !).Everyone loves to be swept off to a magical land where there’s a happy ending and everyone always lives “happily ever after“.I was no different and sometimes I felt that the world around me seems to be more unreal that JKR’s world.I totally lived in Hogwarts…
And then there was the movie fever which I thought narrowed down one’s imagination level..because then, you wouldn’t care to see Harry as anybody other than Dan and wouldn’t dare imagine what Hermione(not Emma !) would have really looked like during the Yule Ball.Yet, as a faithful HP fan, I saw every single HP movie (even though some really sucked).You know, there are some real vivid scenes that comes to your mind when you talk about HP.The high towers of Hogwarts against the bright sky, the scarlet Hogwarts Express running along emitting tufts of smoke, the Great Hall with its floating candles, Hagrid carrying a lantern, accompanied by his boar hound Fang and then…Harry , Ron and Hermione themselves..(no, NOT Dan, Rupert and Emma)……
Well, the books are just seven.And there won’t be any of them again.But Harry is still the Boy Who Lives… in all our hearts..

P.S : I felt like posting this, because I saw the 6th HP movie a few days back.Well of course, the film did not impress me as any of the books did, but even by HP standards it was ..well, kind of dragging. And as Taenaz said, somewhere in the middle, we thought we were back in a Physics class.


  1. Pavi says:

    2 strt wid…HP6 totallyy rox….evn if it dusnt cum up 2 da standrds of da oders,it was a pretty gud 1….Nd since its HP,ders no oder commnt….Dan,Emma nd Rupert..Dey r jus WOW!!! Sadly i cud c da film nly once…Nd I DO NOT agree wid taenaz's comment(da feeling of sitting in da middl of a phy cls…She actually finds phy cls dis interesting??Weirdoo..!!!)…Wish Nov 2010 cums soon..(4 dos hu do not noe,thts wen da nxt movie is cumin out..:-D)…nd Athira….really lykd ur choice of ryting abt HP….Ppl hu r craazzzyyyy (wen i tell crazy, i mean crazy)fans of HP (lyk me) actually do feel lyk dey r living in da magical world…At least I noe tht ur not exaggerating dis stuff..:-P..Keep up da gud work..!!!!

  2. never mind girls.. all you need is to grow up..

    And I dont get the point what Hary potter is all about… But the writer made a hell lot of money. and I need some money. 😀

    AM i thinking what you think i am thinking?

  3. heh NOP :p

    the point of harry potter as far as im concerned is tht it thrilled me n hence i luvd it…

  4. Swathi says:

    spoken like a true Harry Potter fan:)..me,ive never been bitten by the HP bug,but it sure IS fascinating..i still remember this weird gang they made up in st.j..everyone got to be some character in teh book.it was hilarious!

  5. hehe i knw 🙂 i ws nt thr in tht though! naaera n d oders wer in the A div whyl i gt stuck up in C 😀
    that ws in err…. 7th std !!

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