A Confession

“What is it that you find in her?”
The question startled the lover…
A moment of pensive silence
And he replies in a daze,
“She is what I want and what
I myself am not; she is the
Breeze when I’m the kite and
She is the bird when I’m the branch;
You may cut down a tree but
There are roots deep down.

And when her tears wet her face,
It’s my heart that’s torn apart…
My heart is perched on a high cliff,
It maybe wounded any day
Though I can’t tell her all this
She’s too precious to be lost…”
Let it be how fate wills ,but
Love always makes it’s own way…


  1. wow… you are seriously talented. really touched a chord in me… i can really relate to this.

  2. Akkayi says:

    as usual i liked it a lot and touched me

  3. Pavi says:

    wow…thts sooooo sweet…uv got pure talent yaar…continue ryting this kinda poms…really soothing

  4. " And when her tears wet her face,It's my heart that's torn apart…"That guy is stupid, too sensitive and idiotic, to have these kind of feelings for a girl. Well, I guess its this kind of a guy (the character in your poem) that you people look for when you love. That could be one reason why love is equally stupid. I-cant-live-without-you and I-will-do-anything-for-you looks good in poems and literature and movies, but imagine what a pain in the ass it will be if you really have a relationship like that. well.. I did not like the theme. Ya, we are poles apart in terms of attitude – 😛 but yes, you did write it well. 😀

  5. :l :l :lDont insult the character.and i wudnt expect you to understand the theme..thnq fr the compliment anyve .

  6. JITHAN says:

    good one….And when her tears wet her face,It's my heart that's torn apart…eventhough it could be a cliche'it cherish this poem…i liked it very much….

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